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I'd like to thank my kawaii Michi-chan for making this cute little banner for me! It's so pretty!! *^__^*!!!!

Last Updated on December 10th

New singing clips are up-LastChance and Monica, along with another voice sample=) I plan to organize things much much better very soon,with the help of Ria-chan =^.^=

Forgive me if this page seems a little cheap--then again, aren't my other pages cheap? =^.^= These are just some clips of my singing + my auditions, and currently, I'm working for ORBIT productions Evangelion:R cd =DEVA:R link

I've used this page as a reference for auditions, and I got some parts!!!! :D I'm Yuri in theSakura Taisen Radio Play=D YaY yAY!!! my second part! Also, My friend Michiru is going to let me sing for her radio play! It's called Atlantis Productions I'm fairly new to this thing, and I hope to get into it more. So if anyone comes here and sees my stuff and actually likes it, feel free to contact me for any roles- singing or whatever ^_^ email me here Here are some karaoke songs I did just for fun...along with some of my auditions for other stuff. *Special thanks to Michael/Ailie-poo ^_^ on IRC for making the policy mp3 shorter for me =D

Special thanks to Maher-Sama for making this image better for me =) luv ya!

You Can contact Me on ICQ or AOL IM! MY nick on IM is LunaXIV and my UIN is 3846709

Whoa..I didn't notice the song section got so big ='. '=

Files are in MP3/MP2 formats


Policy: My required lines for the singing of 'Otome no Policy/ Young Maiden's Policy' for a Sailormoon Fandub
A duet with Hamelin from The Violinist of Hamelin: I'm Flute! I'm Flute!
Extrication: A song by Megumi Hayashibara- karaoke'd by me :p from LOST UNIVERSE
Remember Yesterday: Me and Me tries D&D :D
Soul Refrain: Yoko Takahashi- look out!
Daydream: From New Kimagure Orange Road
Saber Marionette J: Op song ^_^
Dont be discouraged : SlayerS!
luna's song: Luna's song from LUNAR Silver Star Story
NEW!!! WhyI love You so Much/Monica: ^_^
NEW!!! Last Chance: I think you'll like this one =) At least, I reall,really hope so!
Somewhere In the World: A song by Filia from Slayers TRY- it came out kool ^_^
Dance-Wheel revolution: Similar to what i did with the Policy mp3. a japanese song, in English :) I did this one for my close close friend VerA ^_^ Hope you liked this one HomegirL!
Moonlight: just a clip from one of the songs from Miss Saigon
Flame SniPeR: maaan, i love this song ^_^
Happy Tears: This is one of my best- and it's from Video Girl Ai
promises aren't neccessary: Me singing an english version of the Escaflowne op against a 'primitive' background '_^, ne Maher-sama? =) sounds ok though

Voice Clips

my rei tryout: ayanami rei! it sounds kool ^^
Asuka in Japanese: hey- this came out pretty good '.'
Asuka in Japanese2: this sounded pretty neat ^^
My English Asuka langley Soryuu tryout: I'm Asuka whining to Misato- also done by me, but not to be taken serisouly..I just needed to be talking to someone..or the linjgjgues would be weird.

shinji & Asuka: my Shinji and asuka tryout...what can i say..when you're bored....bleh- i know i dun sound like shinji ^_^;;;
New!! Hikari Horaki:My First Role as a character- ^^ I'm Hikari...and you can all guess who the person I'm talking to is!!!!!! TIFFANY GRANT!!!! =D The bgm is by Maher Al-Samkari, and the mp was made by Michiru Kaioh ^_^ and this was done for the EVA:R Production

RuN awAY~~~!!! : baCk To thA maiN paGe
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