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Sailorstars live action movie, STAGE ON!!!

These are just my opinons of who'd fit. *Disclaimer* These images are being used w/out the consent of their rightful owners. Since this is my frst experience doing web pages, please forgive my ignorance of HTML-ing ^_^_^;;* Any ideas for senshi actors could be emailed here!!! Thank you!

Here, I will be doing a casting call for the Sailorstars live action movie. Yes, I know that there's no such thing, but I just felt like doing a page like this. But what if there was a live action Sailor movie? Ever wonder who could play the parts of the senshi? Well, I came up with a few ideas of which people come the closest to looking like the senshi. Sooooooooooo LIGHTS,CAMERAS,ACTION!!!!

Hotaru Tomoe

Here's the actress I found to play the part of Hotaru. Her name's Natalie Portman, and this picture of her is from the movie The Professional. I picked her because, in this movie, she really really looked like Hotaru. Though most of the time she looked sad. I think she'd be perfect for Hotaru's role. Just look at her!!!!

Michiru Kaiou

Some of you must be laughing now....I kinda did when I was searching for a person who most likely would be able to handle the part of the elegant, sophisticated, beautiful vioin prodigy, Kaiou Michiru. In my opinion, no one even comes close. But I guess Kate Winslet could maybe take a shot at the part. She could act rich and snobbish extremely well -Rose from Titanic=snob at first-And from various angles, she's pretty..and in these picture I found, she resembles our beloved Michiru pretty much. Now just color her hair aqua blue.... and....voila! She'd be a really good Michiru.

Haruka Ten'ou

Guess who I found for Haruka? >:D While, most of you out there'll probably be able to guess in a second, if you don't know who it is, then I guess you'll just have to go crazy wondering who the mystery person is. It was hard to find someone who looked like Haruka, and the only picture that came even close was this one I found. 'Cause it doesn't really show the icky face that well. (Haruka'd look waaaaaay better) When all you could see of this person is her hair, the she really does look like Haruka pretty much..Haruka is my favorite senshi next to Neptune, and I really do respect her , well, would IfSWR.'.- She's such a kick @$$ senshi. But if you *are* stuck (which to be you'd probably have to be really dumb, or you don't watch TV that much :p)I'll give you a little hint: Both Haruka and this person have the same preferences.

" better not be bagging on me or so help me, I'll..."

Yaten Kou

Yaten and Leo, why do you two have to be so fine? -.' Here's my Yaten actor. I already ran this one over in My Yatenpage, but I'll say some things about those two here,also. He'd be perfect for playing the part of Yaten-honey ^_^ Leo could act like the perfect sarcastic jerk for Yaten's role if he wanted to. Perfect. They could be really similar. Just need to dye Leo's hair a different color :d.. Just one question:Can Leo really sing? Hundreds of funny little thought spring to mind. The only problem with seeing him as Yaten is the black leather once he's a Starlight....

Seiya Kou

Yes, I know that he really doesn't look like Seiya that much, but just fix up his hair..He's the only one, I think that I'm not wholly basing on just looks, but I'm mainly focusing on the personality with him. Look at him. When I saw his pics, it just said "Seiya" stamped on his forehead. His eyes remind me of Seiya's personality the most. He could be sarcastic and annoying, plus really "ugh", but he also has that other side to him. That caring, sweet, 'I could be a real gentleman if I wanted to' side. So, for Seiya, Vinnie Kartheiser will do just fine.

Wanna see something freaky? Look at Taiki's live actor. '.' Uncanny, isn't it? A little too old to be hopping around in that fuku, and a little too gross would it be, but this could be Taiki 10 yrs. from now. '.'again. The ponytail-check. The brown hair-check. The forehead...-check. It's kinda funny though. Had me laughing whnever I watched a Stars ep. featuring Taiki. Wanna see something else?!? Look:
Scary, huh?

Usagi Tsukino

The person I thought perfect to play the role of Usagi is Larisa Oleynik. Former star of The Secret World of Alex Mack. I'm not the only one who thinks so, either! I've been to a few sites with post ups claiming that Larisa would make a great Usagi in a real live version of the Sailormoon movie. All she needs to do is grow her hair longer and put it up in two pigtails =) Can't you just imagine her saying," In the name of the moon, I shall punish you!!"?