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i think i did something vewwy vewwy bad :)


Hi Hi!!! SailorSizer here! This is sorta like my Sailorcelebs page, but this is starring everyone's favorite Major, Misato Katsuragi! One of my personal dreams is to someday make an Evangelion live action movie (or see someone make an Eva movie), but it would be pretty tough to find the characters best suited for the job. So for now, I'm satisfied just showing everyone my distorted Misato :) Have fun with her!!!
email me! Run aWay aS FasT as YOU CaN!!!

Now wait just one minute!You wouldn't think I'd forget about Misato's cigarette toting best friend, would you? No, no,no...of course not! Poor, poor Rits-chan.... as if shaming Misato wasn't enough.... but, I really shouldn't say 'shame',since Helen Hunt and Sandra Bullock *are* really great actresses. Now if only I could find my Shinji,Asuka,and Rei.....Heh heh heh.. >:)