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Tamashii Aoi



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Digital Heat

Here you will find miscellaneous entertaining anime-related pages thrown together for your pleasure! This serves no major purpose other than to share with everyone some of my interests and work :D please enjoy your stay!Any comments are gladly welcome. You can email me at- More features are on their way, and this page was last updated on February 1st, 2000-new buttons I want to give special thanks to the wonderful Michiru Kaioh *her button is to the left!*for her much appreciated help on so many of these pages She's lended her talent to the design of these pages, and it looks really nyce thanks to her!She also made me those kick-bootay buttons! All my love goes out to her =^-^=And thank you to Amelia Lang and Eloisa for the buttons

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Please don't take my Togepi!
Shi to Ai
Lost Dreams
Living and Dying
  Rose is Rain
Sizer, Shi no Hime *under serious reconstruction*
7 Deadly Sins of Anime-up, but also under const.-
Misato's Freaky Lounge
  About Me
Voice Acting Resume
Kris WorlD ^^
Detention Hall
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