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Sizer, Shi no Hime

Sizer, or Saiza, as you pronounce it, is my favorite character from Hamelin no Violin hiki - The Violinist of Hamelin- one of my favorite, yet terribly underrated shows. Sizer is the sister of Hamelin, daughter of Pandora and The Demon thing. =p She's a really interesting character, and I think she's really cool when she's not chopping anyone's head off with her giant scythe. Her feelings towards Hamelin are really confusing to figure out. They are siblings, and sometimes she saves his butt, and other times they like to kick the crap out of each other. Well, they're brother and sister- go fig- She uses her scythe like a flute sometimes and controls people/monsters, with it. She could also summon her valkyries to aid her in battle. By looking at these pictures, you'd probably think she was some kind of twisted psycho- who knows? Maybe you're right? But I still admire her anyways ^^ She likes Raiel, obviously since she gives him a kiss on the cheek, and i think they'd make the cutest couple. Sizer's a badguy in the tv series, but in the movie, she's on the goodguy's team. If you don't know what the heck I'm even talking about, or who the hell Sizer is, I suggest that you go to the link I have on my homepage first!! ^_^;; Otherwise, we'll have some really confused puppies in here ='.'=. *all the pictures belong to the company that copyrighted them, and I'm using them without consent* SO DON'T SUE ME ^^; This page is really short right now-as with all of my pages, but I'm working on it, k? :)


In the anime, Sizer's voice is done by the legendary Ogata, Megumi. As a child, we see Sizer cutting off people's heads,as her employer is Bass -Lute- (And no, it's not Bass as in the fish =p it's pronounced "Base" ) In the picture to the left, I have no idea why she's laughing. I wouldn't know , I didn't see that ep. *BIg AHEM to Sakeru..J/k ^_^* When the op and ending songs are changed later in the series, the ending song is done by Sizer- it sounds really kool- ^^ The MP3's at the bottom of the page are from Unipuma's mp3 placeand Sizer's Abattoir/The Heavenly ChoirThe Sizer single song, is from the Heavenly Choir, and the others are from Unipuma's Mp3 files ^_^

Hamelin Mp3's ..and one other thing :)

Hamelin 2nd op: Sizer singing the ending of the second season- I REALLY recommend this one!
Hamelin Opening- 1st Season- Magical Labyrinth : the opening song
Hamelin ending song of the first season: sung by Hammie ^_^ i LOVE this onE!! usually, the guys singing sounds not as good as the girls'..but this one is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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