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Darkness. The brown - haired German girl pushed the button on her wrist. *The suit tightened* She took a short breath. Even though this was just a little sparring practice, she still felt she had to she always does. She raised her head as she looked at her Unit02. "Asuka...ikuyo..." The brown-haired boy stood and yawned. "I can't believe she challenged me to this.. Why would she want to spar with me? Why not Heero or Quatre? I can't believe I actually came, too. Well, I guess that I have plenty of spare time anyways." He placed himself in the cockpit of his Gundam Deathscythe and started things up. The two were geared and ready. Both robots were let loose on a wide open space designed for practice battles. Duo's eyes widened. Then he broke into crazed laughter. Over her intercom, Asuka could hear him laughing. "Hey!!! What are you laughing at?!?" Duo wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes. "So THAT'S what an EVA looks like *snicker* It's so lanky!!! Haha! You're gonna spar with me in THAT?!?!? Woo hoo hoo.." He started laughing again. Asuka was getting peed off. "I don't see what's so're Gundam looks stupid, too. It's all big and fat, and hardly manueverable." "Anta BAKA!!! This are state-of-the-art equipment! Much faster than your slow chunky Gundam!!" Eva Unit 02 lept into the air and did a flying kick towards the Deathscythe.

Take me away!!