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Okay, okay, so maybe she eats like a pig....does that really mean she's a glutton? Maybe not, but she sure fits with this picture^_^

Poor poor Katsuhiko...Will he everbeat Makoto? He's perfect for the envy section. After always hearing, "MAKOTO MAKOTO MAKOTO!! I *WILL* DEFEAT YOU MY RIVAL!!!is kinda cute '_^ those rare moments.

"Asuka Asuka's everywhere." "Yeah, DevilGirl's popular...but I wonder what would happen if they knew the *real*her.." Filled with pride, here is Asuka Langley Soryu. This one however, only speaks for her feelings in the early episodes with her in it. As it moves towards the end, her pride diminishes, but I think she has a right to be proud...She's ASUKA, dammit!