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Welcome to Sailorpluto's Outer Limits


UPDATED!!!!UPDATED!!!!My Misato page IS up now, i added 'Sagi to the sailorcelebs page, I fixed up my little brother's site, and added a new 7 deadly dins of anime page, which is kinda under construction, but it has some images up ^_^ any comments could be emailed to me atTHIS ADDY

Welcome to the Anime page of Sailormoon, slightly with little mixings of other various things. Your hosts for this page will be none other than the Bishoujo senshi Sailorpluto . Notes: This page is just my very own little fun page, and at times, may be about nothing very relevant. I'll try to make it fun, nonetheless.

Okay..on with the show! As everyone knows, even though Sailormoon is over in Japan, it's popularity is still continuing to grow and it's slowly expanding all over the world. The most famous characters seem to be the Outer Senshi, Sailoruranus, Neptune, Pluto, and Saturn. General 411 on these characters can be found on every other page of the web on Sailormoon. So we'll try to be an O.G page. :P On with the show!

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Any comments are gladly welcome, be it flames, ai messages, nice words, or whatever else =) my contact 411 is on the 'about me page' Oh, I update these pages whenever I have the chance..which is every keep coming back!!!! My pages like to be looked at! ^_^

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Walk through the halls of Senshiness

Sailorstars Live action Movie: a few broken images, but i'll fix it soon :) my opinion of who would make good actors for a live action movie
Asuka Vs. Duo ......: it's Asuka Vs. Duo..what starts out as a simple sparring practice ends up in an all out fight!! Featuring Asuka Soryu langley fomr Evangelion and Duo Maxwell from gundam Wing
My widdle kawaii brother's site, for megaman, sonic and other stuffs: cute cute cute!
Sizer , Shi no Hime: dedicated to the one and only of the coolest anime characters ever!
SailorSenshi unplugged!!: aaah..the senshi in their natural habitats...
The 7 deadly sins of Anime: the seven deadly sins...anime style '_^
Misato's Freaky Lounge: go here, and i PROMISE to make you laugh :)
Shi to Ai ~Forever Yours~: my studios first production in progress :) please check it out! we need publicity!

Links to other Sailormoon/kool anime

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Some of the best Fanfics of Sailormoon by the one and only, Jackie Chiang!!
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One of the koolest sites on the net for outer senshi reference by my pal Haruka
The Hamelin Violin no hiki mini site
The ONLY site dedicated to one of my other favorite, but little known anime shows. It's KEWL p-ple, so check it out!
9 eye's Evangelion site
EVA, sweet EVA...i love this page..=)
The Sailorneptune Shrine
"O great Michiru, we bow down before you..." heh heh heh...
The Sailorpluto page
=(^o^)= LUNA P !
Morning Star Headquarters
The page of MS by my cousin and fellow moonie, Sakeru01...go here people! and see the kool characters created by Sakeru and me! See Chiisai and my Wolfie-head! ^_^
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