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My Two Best Friends

Now it's time to check up on our little friends, Uranus and Neptune- more commonly known as Ten'ou Haruka and Kaiou Michiru ^_^ Let's hope Haruka's not in a crappy mood today, huh? She often has her mood the ones you see on the show, S episodes to be precise..most of the time she's her normal Haruka self, -Ummm..when you think of it, it's not that different than her bad mooded self..- but it's even worse when it's that time of the month. 'Specially with Haruka...^_^;; (Don't tell her I said that!) Michiru, ah, kawaii little Michi is in a good mood most of the time, so we won't have to worry about her, unless she's depressed..Let's hope she's not ^^ Oh, and by the way..the two may look a little strange in this picture I have..probably because they weren't expecting it! *The day we took this picture was the day Michiru was having a bad hair day, hence the "I'm gonna kill someone" look, and Haruka..I think the poor girl just woke up from a nap or something, by the look on her face. She seems to be as attentive as her friend Eagle sometimes, really..>;) *Sets peers through the door. opening it slowly..she comes in to find Haruka casually reading something, while Michiru tries on various things from her closet* 'Hey you two!!!!!! What's uppers?" Haruka lifts an eye from her book. "Oh. It's _you_,"she replies nonchalantly. Michiru turns away from the full legnth mirror she's facing and runs to me. "SETSUNAAaaaaAAAaaaAAaa! *hee hee*" she gives me a hug, which sorta cuts off my circulation. "Hi little Michi ^^," I pat her head, "Playing fashion show? ^.o" She giggles. "I love my wardrobe." She smiles. I then start walking towards Haruka. "You! Don't give me that 'Oh. It's _you_ thing...who'd you expect it to be? Eagle? Sizer? Shinji?....or maybe Emera..." She covers my mouth in mid sentence. "Shaddap! Remember? They aren't supposed to know..." I smirk at her.."And why not? Afraid of losing your macho image?" Michiru is heard giggling in the corner. She walks over to Haruka-who's pouting- and puts her arms around the back of her neck. "Aw..don't worry'll always retain your masculinity in my eyes.." Haruka blushes like mad. Michuru is busy happily hugging Haruka. *I remember!* ..I needed to tell Haruka something very important..but had to wait for her to be in a happy mood first..I think now's the best time to say it. I take my place on the sofa next to Michiru -she's on the couch, and Haruka's sitting on the floor with her book- "Oh yeah, Haruka...I needed to tell you something." She looks up at me and raises an eyebrow. " I 'accidentally' put a dent in that black Italian sports car you have..BYE!!!" I say this at the speed of light.- but Haruka jumps up, and grabs me by the collar of my FILA sweatshirt. "_WHAT_ DID _YOU_SAY_?!?!" I'm facing her now, smiling really this: ^______^ "Heh heh..." "How could you do this?!?!?!?!?!!!?!" Haruka looks like she's really in desperate need of some aspirin. Michiru is still sitting on the sofa..covering her mouth, and her eyes open wide. "Well, I was trying to be like you playing 'Speedracer'." She isn't amused. "Hey! What are YOU mad at. huh? Thanks to your lousy piloting, my poor helicopter got blown to little unrecognizable pieces.." "BUT AT LEAST IT WAS FOR AN IMPORTANT CAUSE!!! NOT 'CUZ I WAS OUT JOYRIDING!!!"